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Mahri Martens TomasI Love Hair...gorgeous, thick, long, shiny, silky, healthy-looking hair—it's what I've always dreamed of BUT was not blessed with at birth.

How did I get from being a charter member in the "Sisterhood of Hair Envy" to the fabulous hair head of hair I have today...Here's my hair odyssey and what it means for you.

My earliest memories were of having fine, limp, lifeless hair. Not a problem for a 5-year-old, but fast forward to 15 and hair becomes extremely important. While modeling to fund my college education—I majored in Mathematics at the University of Colorado in Boulder—my hair would be augmented with falls, chignons, and hair pieces to create the look of thick abundant hair, but this was temporary and once these additions were removed, I was dismayed and disappointed to have my thin lifeless hair back.

At 25 I started an interior design firm and tried to accept my hair fate...ick! At 40, still traumatized by my thin lifeless hair, and still wanting a solution I decided to put my time and energy into solving this dilemma. This led me to the emerging idea of hair extensions and through the doors of prestigious salons in Los Angeles, where I spent several years and extravagant amounts of money trying every hair extension method available. In the end, I found myself extremely frustrated with the dismal, unnatural-looking results and extreme damage to the little bit of hair I had. This drove me to pursue my own vision of what would work.

I began pouring my time and energy into research, and in collaboration with a brilliant chemist, created a bond that would not harm hair. Through my New York City modeling connections I established relationships with the best hair merchants in Europe—which culminated in the procedures I use today, giving me gorgeous hair that looks and feels just like my own. I never thought of making this a business until women started complimenting me on my hair—why not share my results with others!

I created Martens Tomas to offer my procedures and affiliated with Plastic Surgery Clinics in Beverly Hills, Aspen, and Denver where I see clients in the comfort and privacy of these offices. Over the last 27 years I have added more products as clients requested them—Crown Tresses, Adornment Tresses, and a line of incredible hair care products.

Today Martens Tomas has an extensive roster of magnificently-maned, terrifically-tressed clients and is proud to be called the "Ferrari of Hair Extensions" by W Magazine.

After a lifetime filled with "Bad Hair Days" I'm thrilled that I can finally wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say something I'd always dreamed of saying…"I Love my Hair!"

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