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Fabulous hair is what Martens Tomas is all about. For 27 years we have been developing and perfecting procedures that transform hair. If you simply want more—yours can be enhanced, thickened, or lengthened, resulting in a gorgeous head of hair that feels like it is your own. If your needs are more complex—we can address an array of stress and medical-related hair issues, genetic hair problems, and damage from salon procedures.

Martens Tomas offers several choices that can be tailored to your individual needs, giving you completely custom results. You can expect only the highest quality with all our products, and in addition, we focus on preserving and improving the health of your own hair.

For years, Martens Tomas has been one of the "secrets" behind the fabulous hair you see on the red carpet and we offer the same alluring look and exceptional quality to you. Of course, we maintain the utmost consideration for your privacy.

Our Custom Procedures


Our trademark high-end hair extensions are a blend of art and science that allow us to transform your hair in a way that looks and feels so natural you'll feel like you were born with it.

Microtresses are tiny units (20 to 40 single hairs) of exquisite European hair that are individually handmade for you and custom color blended, using as many as 8 to 10 different shades, to match your own hair color exactly. They are attached to the base of your own hair, ¾ to 1 inch from your scalp, with our proprietary bond, which is gentle enough for even the most fragile of hair.

This bond is formulated specifically for you, considering many factors including your body chemistry, lifestyle, and styling requirements. They are meticulously placed and virtually undetectable in any style, including French twists, up-dos, ponytails, and braids.

As your hair grows, the bond attaching the Microtresses to your own hair moves with that growth. Approximately two to three months after the initial application, your Microtresses will have grown out too far from your scalp to look or feel ideal. At this time, or as your wishes and desires dictate, we schedule a maintenance appointment where we remove, restore, and re-attach the Microtresses closer to your scalp. There are numerous ways of restoring your Microtresses at this appointment, giving you the ability to adjust or change your hair style easily—after all, we are women and are known for changing our minds when it comes to our hair!

The Microtress procedure includes a client manual, the exceptional line of Martens Tomas Hair Care Products, the latest styling tools, and more, giving you everything you need to effortlessly maintain your new tresses.

Crown Tresses

Crown Tresses are handmade detachable hair pieces that fit on the top, crown, or front area of your head. They are designed with a myriad of purposes in mind.

  • Do you want more body and volume than you could achieve with just your own hair?
  • Do you want more variety with your everyday hair style?
  • Does general thinning or spot specific thinning bother you? Or maybe it always has!
  • Do you want to know the hair options available to you during chemotherapy?
  • Does the look of scars on your scalp distress you?

We make a small detachable base of netting, which is custom molded to your head. The highest quality European hair is hand-tied, hair by hair, into the netting base so that it blends perfectly with your own. We attach this with miniature easy-to-place clips, creating more body, more volume, just MORE hair.


Adornment Tresses

These custom clip-in hair attachments are beautifully finished and handmade from the highest quality European hair which is custom blended to match yours exactly. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to fulfill your every need or desire. They can adorn your hair for a day, a night, or a special occasion. And, they are just plain fun!

Clients who own several Adornment Tresses consider them a "hair wardrobe" and even take them on vacation so they can have as many different hair styles as they do outfits. The options are limitless and you can have glamorous hair in a matter of minutes. See a hair style you love, whether in a magazine, a movie, even on the red carpet—bring us your idea and we will create it for you.

Medical Issues

We know that hair is extremely important and can profoundly affect your sense of well-being. If you are experiencing the anxiety that hair loss brings—don't be discouraged—Martens Tomas has expertise with the trauma you are going through and will assist you in understanding, navigating, and addressing the complex physical and medical issues that need to be resolved for you to realize the hair of your dreams.

Properly addressed medical issues, combined with procedures offered by Martens Tomas, will give you the most comprehensive approach to hair loss and hair renewal. Many of our clients have their hair in full recovery mode and are enjoying an abundant head of hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What procedures does Martens Tomas offer?

Microtresses®, which we consider our signature procedure, are for clients that have adequate crown coverage and want to thicken or lengthen their hair. See complete explanation on procedures page.

Crown Tresses are for clients that are thinning in the crown area, recovering from chemo-therapy, or just wanting to change their look. See complete explanation on procedures page.

Adornment Tresses are customized clip attachments, which are great for special occasions or to create an exciting new look. Easy to put in and take out, they are entirely hand-made. See complete explanation on procedures page.

Other solutions are available for clients that have a variety of medical issues; including trichotillomania, alopecia areata, and scars from scalp surgeries. Contact us and we will assist you in finding solutions no matter what your problem.

What are the prices and what do they include?

Prices for Microtresses start at $5,000 for the first ounce of hair and $4,000 for each additional ounce a person may desire. A private consultation with our experts will determine your needs and total price. The price includes Microtresses, attachment to your hair with our proprietary bond, cutting and styling of the Microtresses so they perfectly blend with your own, our line of hair care products, a Client Manual, styling tools, and accessory items. The price for Crown Tresses, Adornment Tresses, and other solutions will be determined with a consultation.

Where are the procedures performed and what amount of time is needed?

All our procedures start with a consultation at one of our clinics. After the initial consultation, application of Microtresses usually takes between 2 to 5 hours and is performed in the offices of affiliated plastic surgery clinics. Crown Tresses and Adornment Tresses require the time to custom make them and delivery is made at the clinic of your choice.

How much maintenance is needed?

Microtresses require maintenance appointments every three to four months. The Microtresses will be removed, restored, and reapplied at this appointment. Crown Tresses and Adornment Tresses require no maintenance with Martens Tomas.

What about comfort?

Microtresses are painless to attach and so comfortable to wear that clients tell us they think of Microtresses as their own in just a few days. Crown Tresses are light weight, easy to attach, and because they are made from a mold of your head, are extremely comfortable.

What about daily styling?

Microtresses are easy to style and because you now have an abundance of healthy hair with superb body your style will last longer.

Crown Tresses require very little washing and styling is very easy with the tools and advice provided by Martens Tomas.

Will others be able to tell this is not my own hair?

No! Microtresses match your own hair and are so small and numerous that they are virtually undetectable. You can wear your hair in any style including French twists, upsweeps, braids or ponytails.

Crown Tresses form to your head and are so perfectly made that others will just think your hair looks fantastic.

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